Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rule Breaker, Heart Breaker

Be a rule breaker, heart breaker with all of these fun, colorful Acrylic Hearts that Punch Place Plus (Craft Chameleon) offers!

You'll definitely be a rule breaker with all the designs and a heart breaker when they receive them!

Punch Place Plus (Craft Chameleon) offers three sizes of Heart Acrylics, 3 inch, 2 inch and 1 inch and in your choice of twelve colors (see website for sizes/colors-as certain sizes only come in certain colors):

  • clear
  • glitter white
  • red
  • glitter red
  • Persian pink
  • hot pink
  • glitter hot pink
  • beauty pink
  • glitter pale salmon
  • mirror silver
  • mirror gold
  • black

Punch Place Plus's colored acrylics are bright, vivid and the glitter is amazingly sparkly (but not to sparkly;). The glitter is encased into the acrylic so they're smooth to the touch.

*Please note that the back side of the glitter acrylics are white or a lighter shade of the original color.

I used black vinyl in a chevron pattern for the 3" red heart with a 2.25" black tassel.

I think these would be perfect for the men and boys in your life too!

You could make a whole set for sister(s), mom too!
(2 inch, Hot pink glitter with 2.25" grey tassel)
For the 1 inch clear, I wanted to make it look like it was carved into a piece of wood but by the time I added the brown and black to the back side, it didn't resemble a tree so I decided to keep it on the clear as is and added a 1.5" beige tassel.

The 1 inch and 2 inch would be really cute added to the Adjustable Bangles or even on the Silver Chain Link Bracelets.

Punch Place Plus (Craft Chameleon) also offers a licensed 3 inch Stethoscope Heart, in clear, red glitter, white glitter, black glitter, hot pink glitter and solid hot pink.



I have to say that coming up with ideas for these gorgeous hearts wasn't the problem, having enough Blank Acrylic Hearts was!

Be a rule breaker, heart breaker and not just for Valentines Day but all year long with these great hearts!









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