Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pin It 2 Win It with Craft Chameleon! Love Pinterest? Love Craft Chameleon? You're going to Love this!

 Pin it 2 Win it Contest

This week our blog post is highlighting our Pinterest Boards. Do you love Pinterest? Us too. So this week we are sponsoring a Pinning party of sorts. With the help of Gleam Competition software we are hosting a Pin It 2 Win it.

There are 3 ways to gain entries, remember it only takes 1 to win! But more might make it easier? Anyhoo, the third method you can really rack up the entries by pinning daily through the contest. What? Count you in? Excellent, here is the link:

Campaign Period: Entries will be accepted online starting on 4/16/2018 and ending 4/25/18.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

May the Fourth DIY Acrylic Coaster Blanks Tutorial (and in time for you to make them!) 2018

In a crafting universe, not so long ago, a woman, Terisa Bostic, made "May the Fourth Be with You" coasters. Thanks for sharing your great idea Terisa!
Items with * have a link to the Craft Chameleon products
* Adhesive Vinyl  (Terisa used solid black)
  SVG Design Program ( Silhouette Studio is used here, Design Space, SCAL, etc)
  Transfer Tape
  Vinyl Application Tool
Weeding Tool 
Clear Plastic Coasters
  Star Wars Style Font - Star Jedi is available on DaFont
  Star Wars Quotes  (Google is your friend on this or use Terisa's)

Let's get started!

When Craft Chameleon sends you a shipping confirmation for your coasters, they will attach a link to download the SVG template for the coaster.  This file will have several fantastic designs in it, but for this project, you want the simple coaster outline.  This will give you a guideline for positioning your text. 

If these coasters are for sale and not personal use, here is a tip, 
I purchased a font from the Silhouette Store titled “In a Galaxy Far Away”.  Select your text icon, and then select this text from your list of font options.

This set of Craft Chameleon comes with 4 coasters, so I created 4 quotes. Type out your desired quote or text.  Each quote or text grouping should be its own individual box.  This makes it easier when you need to change the size to fit the coaster outline.

lick on the transform icon on the right side of your Silhouette Studio screen.  This will allow you to change the size of the text box. My desired size was 3.4”x3.4”.

Type out your 4 desired quotes and adjust them all to fit in the coaster outline. 

Then, highlight the quote within the coaster outline. Right-click to bring up the menu options as shown.  Then click on flip horizontally.  This will reverse the text to allow it to be applied to the underside of the coaster. Do this for all of the coasters.

Send to the Silhouette by clicking 'Send', and then select your material type as Vinyl, glossy. Off it goes and your vinyl is cut.

 Weed out background vinyl, so you are left with only the letters.

 Apply transfer tape to the letters and rub hard on the backside with a scraper.  This allows the vinyl to adhere to the tape.

The acrylic coaster will come with a brown paper covering on both sides. This is to protect the acrylic surface from scratches and dings.  This must be removed before adding the vinyl. 

Simply slide your fingernail under an edge to get a good lift and then slowly peel back. You will end up with a clear piece of acrylic.

Next, peel the paper backing from the vinyl decal.  All the letters will be attached to the tape.

          Line the decal up with the coaster and position as desired.  When you are satisfied, stick the tape to the coaster, and rub hard with the scraper.  Slowly and carefully, pull the transfer tape back from the coasters.  

From this side, the design will look backwards, but this will be the underside of the coaster. Place the clear bumpers on the underside, which will be the side that the vinyl is actually stuck on. Repeat this process for the other 3 coasters.

So are you ready to make your 'May the Fourth be with You' coasters? Remember, "Your focus determines your reality" (Qui-Gon Jinn) and if you think you can't do this then, "I find your lack of faith disturbing" (Darth Varder).  Remember it's easy and "Mind tricks don't work on me" (Watto) and "Great, kid. Don't get cocky" (Han Solo).

Okay, Terisa did not write that corny quotes ending, I did (Jamie). But a big thank you to Terisa for putting together this great idea and tutorial! And May the 4th be with you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mother Will Love These DIY Earrings on Her Special Day

Hello! Jamie here today. Hope you are ready to learn how to make these fabulous acrylic earrings.  Our designer, Jewellee, was here in Saint Louis last week and she designed these. Just in time for you to order and make up for the mothers in 
your life! So here we go....ENJOY!

Items with * have a link to the Craft Chameleon products

* Double J Earwires

2 Bent Nose Pliers or needle nose pliers

  E6000 or the adhesive of your choice

DIY Daisy & Post Earrings

Remove all the protective plastic from both sides of your acrylic pieces. Remove only the front plastic on the flower centers. Like the daisy above, if your piece has some white on it, you can remove it with your fingernail.

Now peel off the release paper backing to reveal the adhesive on the round flower center.

Locate the center and press the round acrylic firmly in place. Allow 24 hours plus to fully cure. 

Now we are ready to assemble! 

Take your oval jump ring and twist to open using the 2 bent nose pliers. Slide the glitter 1 side acrylic Daisy and Leaf onto the oval jump. Make sure they are facing each other. Then close the jump ring reversing the twist action.

Flip the leaf portion up and lay the entire piece down. Next, let's attach the post!

Using the Craft Chameleon 5mm pad post earring, glue at the top of the leaf. We suggest E6000 but you can use the adhesive of your choice. it is best to rough up both the acrylic and the metal pad with an emery board to provide a bit of tooth for any adhesive.

Let adhesive cure for designated time for best results. Wow, so cute, so fast and such a great gift! Ready for something even faster and easier BUT just as cute? Here we go!

DIY Daisy Dangle Earrings

This time we will only need the daisies and the centers and 1 pair of our Double J ear-wires. Take off the clear protective film from all surfaces. 

Remove the release paper from the back side of the centers, locate on top of the daisy and press firmly in place. 

Slide the daisy onto the Double J ear-wire. Then bend the ball portion of the wire back to lock the flower in place. Oh no, you didn't just make a set of fabulous daisy earrings in less than a few minutes! Oh yes, I did!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

FREE FREE FREE - Flat Leon is at it again! Digital Designs for Free!

So this week's blog post is a video! We are adding a new product line of digital designs and the first bundle Flat Leon is giving away FREE!

Not to worry our free files will still be sent with your orders too! Just more design will be available for your products!

Want the Free Design Bundle? Click here.

Be sure to show off your creations on the Craft Chameleon FB Group: Click here. Tell Peggy Flat Leon sent you!

See you next week,