Saturday, January 20, 2018

Super Simple, Super Cute, Super Bowl Tic Tac Toe Part 2

Faye Mitchell, who brought us Part One of this blog post is 
back with Part 2. Take it away Faye!

Even though I’ve finished my Tic Tac Toe Game board and am able to play, I’m not completely done. I want to keep my board and pieces together, so here is my storage solution. Craft Chameleon sells these cute little natural canvas bags that fit the game boards with pieces perfectly.

If you’re like me you want your little storage bag to be just as cute as the game board you’re putting inside of it.  In order to do this you will need a few things along with the natural canvas bag.

You can always use HTV, but not everyone has access to a heat press. So here is an alternative method using fabric paint.

Initially I was going to use fabric markers to label the bag and add another tic tac toe cross hatch game space on the front of the natural canvas bag.  I quickly changed my mind after I saw how badly the “non-bleeding” fabric markers were actually bleeding. Plus a second game board seemed redundant since I had a super cute game board stored inside.

After making this decision I went with a new design plan and painted a green square on the front of the natural canvas bag.  Thankfully the fabric paint did not bleed like the markers did.  You could use a stencil to create this square but I just freehanded it. It was a rare moment in my life where I wasn’t focused on making sure it was an absolute perfect square.  

While that was drying I went back to design studio and created a stencil of what I wanted my title to be.  Using some scrap vinyl and reverse weeding I created my stencil which I laid on top of the green square and carefully dabbed my chosen colors in the various spots.  

Once it dried some I removed my stencil and did some touch ups. Then I freehanded both the football stitching and 'VS' onto the football. After that I was done! 

Now I have a Super Cute, Super Bowl Tic Tac Toe Game board with coordinating pieces and storage bag.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Super Bowl Super Simple Super Cute

Acrylic Foot Ball Helmet blanks for vinyl and Football acrylic blanks for vinyl
Photo credits : Faye Mitchell

Hi Everyone, It’s me, Faye Mitchell and I’m back with another guest blog posting.  This time I’m making a Super Bowl themed Acrylic Tic Tac Toe Game Board Set using the amazing products you can purchase from the Craft Chameleon.

Items needed:
Transfer Tape 
* SVG Design Program
Vinyl Application Tool
Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers
Paint Brushes

Items listed with an * are clickable links.

The first thing I did was make a template of my game board in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition so I make sure the colors I chose looked good together and so I could add the wording to the board around the tic tac toe board.

I did this by drawing a 3.5” x 3.5” square.  I then added the tic tac toe board digital file, provided  by Craft Chameleon in your order's shipping notification, onto my square.
Tic tac toe vinyl design for acrylic blank game boards with Super Bowl theme

Once I got my tic tac toe board onto my square, I resized it slightly since I wanted to add some words around the outside edge.  I did this by just clicking on the board and using the resizing squares to drag it in a little bit smaller.  

Once I had it the size I wanted it I used the text feature in my design studio and added the words to the board.
  I used the font Junior Varsity from the Silhouette Design Studio Store.  Not seen in the photo but I also put LII in the center box since it is the 52nd super bowl this year.

With my board designed, I started working on the designs for the game pieces. these are ordered as charm size with no holes on the Craft Chameleon website.

Since it is still early, so I don’t know which teams are going to make it to the super bowl, coupled with copyrighted team logos, I decided to keep it simple. My super bowl super solution?  I went with the AFC vs. the NFC for my game.  I decided my AFC team would be represented by the Football Helmet charm and the NFC would be represented by the football charm.

* Smooth brown glitter finish is on one side only.

With all my designs all created, I started to cut the vinyl. You may notice that my vinyl pieces were super tiny but they cut like a dream using the CB09 blade kit (60 degree blade) from Craft Chameleon. 

I did all my cutting at once and worked on weeding each color while the next color was cutting.  It saves time and  works best for me. 

To save vinyl I put my white football laces in the middle of my tic tac toe board and went ahead and put them onto the football charms using my weeding tool instead of transfer tape prior to taking this photo.

After all the pieces were cut and weeded I started the assembly process.  This is when it starts getting really fun because you can finally see the design come to life.  I personally started with the game board and put the words on first followed by the tic tac toe cross hatch with the last step adding the LII. You could also personalize with a name or monogram too!

Once I had my game board completed I needed to get my pieces done.  I decided since I had already done part of the football charms I would go ahead and get them finished first. 

Before applying any vinyl,  take the protective plastic off the acrylic charm blanks or you’ll be spending extra time re-cutting your vinyl  Then to place the vinyl, use
 a small piece of transfer tape to pick up the NFC wording and place it carefully onto the footballs.

Onto the “AFC” Football Helmet Charms!  Assembled using the same methods as the footballs by using a small piece of transfer tape to apply the AFC wording . Repeating the process to put the red face mask pieces onto the charm.

TaDa! My board is complete and I’m ready to play some super fun, Super Bowl Tic Tac Toe.

Come back on Saturday and I will show you how I made this darling bag to keep the set in!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Acrylic blank for vinyl bookmark tutorial
Photo credits : Terisa Bostic

Save the Place in Your Reader's Heart

A Valentine's Day Personalized Bookmark Tutorial By Terisa Bostic

Forward by Jamie Omahen: Craft Chamemleon is excited to start off 2018 blogging with some of our best and brightest creative facebook group members. We are blessed to have a talented, sharing community there. When I requested help on our blog, these skilled and brilliant people stepped up to the task!

I hope you enjoy this blog post tutorial and those to come as much as we have enjoyed/will enjoy bringing them to you. Now, let's start with our intrepid Terisa's tutorial. the first of many!

Supplies from Craft Chameleon- Click the listing below for more information.

Supplies    Small Triangle Bail
                  Swivel Lobster Clasp
                  Beaded Heart Charms
                  Oval Jump Ring
                  5/8” Acrylic Round Disks—Silver Mirror
                  Blank Acrylic Rectangular Book Mark-Clear
                  Needlenose Pliers  (these are different than those used in the tutorial)
           1.   Open the bookmark template ( 1.5' x 4" rectangle) provided by Craft 
                 Chameleon. Create a Text Box in Silhouette Cameo Studio.
Template links are available for download from your shipping confirmation email.

Type the name to run vertically down the bookmark. The font I used here is called LW Lucky Hearts.  Adjust your name so it fits in the bookmark template. 

2.   Open the templates provided by Craft Chameleon for the 1” heart and the 5/8” circle. Add them to your working area. 

      I used heart designs from another file I had in my silhouette library, but you can use any heart you like.  Adjust to fit in the templates until you like the way they look.

For the initials, you can use any font desired and adjust the letter to fit the circle template.  For this design I used ED Chunky Paperwork and LW Sweetheart.
For the name in the hearts, I used the LW Doodle Font .  I used the same hearts from the 5/8” circles in the previous step to design the other heart.

3.  Cut and weed your vinyl designs. Place transfer tape on vinyl and burnish so that the vinyl will stick to the acrylic. 

4.   All the acrylic shapes come with a thin brown or clear plastic covering that must be removed before placing any vinyl onto the surface.

5.  Remove paper backing from vinyl.  Place the vinyl on each shape in the desired way, and burnish again to adhere the vinyl to the shape. 


       6.  For this step you will need pliers, triangle bails, and jump rings.  

Using pliers open the triangle bail as shown, insert it through shape, and close with pliers. Do this for the acrylic heart shapes, the heart charm, and the lobster claw.

7.  Using pliers, open the jump rings, and attach through the hole of each of the 5/8” disks.  The triangle bails are too large to fit through the hole on the disks.


8.   Insert the triangle bails attached to the lobster claw into the hole at the top of the bookmark, and close the bails with pliers.

9.   Insert the triangle bails attached to the hearts into the hole at the top of the bookmark, and close the bails with pliers.

10.   Slide the jump rings attached to the 5/8” disks onto the lobster clasp.


Afterword from Jamie: Thank you Terisa! Our first post for 2018. I love the way the 5/8" disks fan out when put at the end of the lobster clasp. I would never have thought to do that and it's perfect!

Ideas like Terisa's and so many others are the reason to subscribe to our new blog!  We are endeavoring to bring at least 1 post a week and some weeks possibly 2 or more.

Have you made a Craft Chameleon bookmark and want to share? Comment below we'd love to hear from you!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hooray! Football Season is Upon Us!

Please welcome Martha D. as our guest blogger today. She is so creative & is graciously sharing her talent with us today!

First I would like to thank Jamie for asking me to be a guest blogger - it is such an honor! By the way my name is Martha and if you are like me then you are super glad that football season is FINALLY here! What a better way to show off your team spirit then with some jewelry – a football charm necklace!

Supplies I used:

I first made the crystal charm. I took the silver ball point head pin and threaded the rondelles and crystal bead.
Once they were threaded I bent the wire at a 90°. Then take your pliers and bend the wire into a loop, cut off excess of wire and close the loop.

I then cut out the lace for the football out of white glitter HTV – 1.5” x .75” – and the number to 3/8 of an inch by ½ an inch long with my Cricut.

I placed the lace on the football, covered with parchment paper and pressed.  BTW, the lace files for the necklace I am sharing here!
 *** Repeat this step for the quatrefoil charm. ***

Once football and quatrefoil are pressed or Oracal 651 vinyl has been placed we are ready to assemble.

Open one jump ring and join the necklace with the football. Close jump ring.

Repeat on the other side.
Next, place a jump ring on the crystal charm and another on the quatrefoil charm. Close them up. Now use another jump ring to join the charms together with the necklace – that’s it!

All that is left now is to show it off!
Have fun creating!