Wednesday, March 2, 2016

High Style | Low Cost Easter Baskets - Part 2

You don't have to break the bank for custom looking Easter baskets.

Reusing baskets from past Easters is a great idea for you wallet and the environment!! 

Here is one way:
* Grab some black or brown spray paint and give it a quick once over to knock down the colors.
*Take your basket and wrap the handle with twine.
* Hit the back roads to gather grapevines to use; wrap the basket body and adhere with hot glue.
* Add some moss when finished.
* Braid twine and glue or use grapevines to stitch to basket rim.
* Run paper grocery store bags through the shredder, scrunch and fill the basket.
* Decorate your acrylic egg and hang with twine from the handle.

Fill with goodies and you have a great looking basket!

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