Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fabric Cross

It seems like time sure is flying by, Easter is going to be here soon.
Today we are going to make a Fabric Cross.

Here are the items you'll need:
Faux Suede Fabric
Canvas or Wood
Hot Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Scissors
Thread or String

You're going to start by removing the plastic from your canvas.

Next, the hardest part is choosing which beautiful faux suede fabric color you want to use.

We are now going to measure your canvas or wood to decide on how wide and how long you're going to need your faux suede fabric.
I wanted my fabric to be 6-7 inches wide so I cut it that wide and left enough to wrap around the back.

Once I had my faux suede fabric pieces cut, I frayed the edges.

Frayed Edges

Now we are going to hot glue our edges to the back.

Run a little hot glue along the back of the wood and apply your faux suede fabric.

Grab your thread and pull it underneath your faux suede fabric.

Cut it off and now tie it into a knot.

Cut the strings up towards the knot.

Do the exact same steps with your horizontal piece of faux suede fabric.

Don't worry, it doesn't need to look perfect right now!

We are going to make a rolled flower so you're going to need to fold your faux suede fabric in a half a few times and cut a strip that is about 1-1.5 inches wide and about three to four feet long.

I start by turning the corner in so that I have something for the other fabric to hold onto.

Keep rolling the fabric into itself and hot gluing as you go.

When you get to the end and you have a half inch tail, roll it a little more and hot glue.

Add hot glue, then wrap your tail on the bottom of the flower.

Now you can move the pieces to get them how you like them onto your canvas by pushing them in or pulling them out.

Just be careful that you don't pull too hard and rip your hot glue off;)

Once you have them where you like them, decided where you want to place your flower and add a little hot glue to the center and place it onto your faux suede fabric.

These would be gorgeous in a bunch of different colors and as a focal cross wall!

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