Sunday, May 15, 2016

School Superpower Keychain

Another school year is about to come to an end. With the rush and excitement of summer vacation arriving, it is a good to remember a nice way to thank those teachers that have educated your child over the past year.

I love the apple acrylic keychain blanks from Craft Chameleon. I really like the bright color of the red and love the glitter red keychains. However, the school my son attends has purple and gold for their school colors, which just does not look good with red. So I used a clear blank for mine.

I cut the text and the mascot out in purple vinyl and the superhero emblem and first letter of the school name in a gold yellow vinyl.  I weeded both designs while they were still on the vinyl carrier sheet.

I layered the two designs together still on the vinyl carrier sheet. I find this helps to avoid bubbles and makes the application process a little easier.

I peeled one side of the brown paper off the acrylic blank.

I added the triangle bail and heavy duty split key ring to finish off the keychain. I think this is a simple and unique item that teachers will appreciate.

The finished item shows a 3 inch white acrylic circle. The design works well on various acrylic shapes. However, the different acrylic was used for photographic purposes only.

I hope this helps to inspire you to create a fun end of year teacher appreciation gift!