Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ribbon and Alta Cap Photos & Tutorial

I was given an opportunity to show off some of my crafting abilities this week! So I wrote a free tutorial on how to make ribbon necklaces. And was that is! The first necklace shown above is constructed on the tutorial. The photos of the necklaces following are made using different materials and the same instructions.

Be sure to grab the instructions on and take a look at the photos for more ideas here!

To create similar necklaces most of the ribbon used came from and the AltaCaps/bails/resin drops are available at . The rest of the supplies can be found at your local craft store.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ANOTHER NEW ITEM 18 Inch Doll Blank Bands For Making Crowns and Tiaras

Make this for your princess's princess!

Two dear friends (Wendy from AllAboutRibbon & Amanda from DivaOnDemand) gave me the greatest idea to make these 18" doll tiaras! As you can see in the photo below they are shaped like an 18" doll headband but smaller. To make a tiara wrap the crownband in 3/8's inch ribbon. String beads of your choice on wire and secure on to the crownband. Glue the small size marabou around the outside of the band.


Amanda of DivaOnDemand came up with a Fancy Nancy style crown using some of the swirl ribbon from AllAboutRibbon. She put some really fun appliques and rhinestone goodies in her design! Perhaps with enough encouragement we can get Amanda to write a tutorial!

I only purchased a sample order of the crown bands and they are available on the web site (located under the catagories of Headbands, at the bottom) .


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The wait is over and the next shipment of blank doll headbands have arrived! We thought we had enough stock to get us through the month of January but our forecasting was wrong. So we have been out of stock of these headbands since the beginning of January. But in the snow yesterday the DHL delivery was made and the headbands are back in stock!

Click to order.