Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alta-Cap Tangled Necklace

         This necklace was made by Alta Cap customer
           Laura from The Purple Alligator Bow-tique.
            Every little girl would love one of these.
        Have you made something wonderful with your
       Alta Caps? Send in your photos to be posted here!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Available now....MommaOh Dog Tag Punches.....

Click on the headline above to order your own dog tag punch! No more snipping out your image by hand!
If you want your boyfriend, husband or significant other would like to get you one for Christmas send them this link: Be sure to have them email me directly ( if they want or need it gift wrapped!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dog Tag Punches Have Arrived!!!

Here they are! It's been a long time in the works and they are finally here!!
These will be available for purchase on the website on Monday, November 23, 2010.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

PunchPlacePlus is now a No Bow No Go Afilliate!!!

Top Notch Templates and more!

Are available through the link listed on this blog and will be available on the punchplaceplus website when it opens.

These templates are the only way I can make a bow and the tutorials for the other items are outstanding. Following the link and get your set of templates or instructions. They are full of photos and instructions! You will not be sorry!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well the DT Punches arrived in St Louis at least a week ago and have been held up in customs. My husband has worked to get the shipment released which happened yesterday (now the paperwork customs office for St Louis is in Chicago) because the St Louis customs got the release on the goods. So theoretically today we could get the shipment picked up and delivered tomorrow......but that's just a theory because today is Veterans Day (Thank you and a good Veteran's Day to all of you who have served!!!) so the customs office is closed. Just my luck to get the shipment released on a national holiday! So tomorrow they will pick up the punches and delivery will be (cross your fingers) on Monday.

When the punches are delivered the buy closes, pp invoices will be sent out, shipments will be sent in the order that payment is received. When this process is completed they will be offered for sale at the retail price on my web site and on etsy....later on ebay. So please order now or wait until they are available on the web site.

Thank you for your consideration on this buy!


Entry Form:

Spreadsheet to check on your order:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

UPDATED INFORMATION ~~ 8mm Double Sided Tape

UPDATE: This product will be offered but not until the 2011 calendar year. Sorry for any inconvenience!

PunchPlacePlus will be offering double sided 8mm wide permanent tape in 45 meter rolls. 8mm is thicker than the traditional 1/4" tape and thinner than the 3/8" allowing for the most coverage with out sticky overage.

This tape will be available for purchase on after September 31, 2010. It is perfect for lining clips and headbands. Become a follower of this blog for updates of the web site opening and other new products that will be coming!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Newest Products to Hit the Market!

Mix N Mags will change the way you design and craft!

Many designers and crafters have incorporated the neodymium magnets into their creations. The Mix products of the Mix N Mags are going to change your thinking. Currently the Mix products available are Mix Caps and Mix Discs. These are metal components designed and manufactured to match our 13mm Mag neodymiums.

Below are photographs of the actual items. However to help your imagination along be sure to read the blog postings titled "How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags?". Let the examples of these postings stimulate your creative streak and change the way your design and craft!

Neodymium 13mm magnets
Mix Disc
(available in 15mm and 22mm)
Mix Cap
(made to fit snugly over our
13mm Mag neodymium)

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Paper Clips

Large size paper clips with Mix Discs.
Bottlecaps with Mags.

Tropical Clips today.

Mellow yellow the next!

Extra large paperclip with Mix disc. Bottlecap
with Mag.

Crayons, peace and paperclips.

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Flip Flops

Flip Flop with Mix Disc. Bow and bottlecap
with Mag.

One pair of flip flops with a bow...

and a bottlecap....
and more?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Binders and Folders

Mix Discs glued on to school binders &
alta-caps with Mags.

Jazz up binders or use to label.

Mix Disc on cover. Mag on bottlecap and bow.

Sweet and....


How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Party Cups

Pink highball cup with Mix Cup. Alta-Cap
 and bottlecap with Mags.

Pop on decorative bottlecaps. Each guest
gets their own design. Perfect for keeping
 track of drinks.

Or dress it up with a Alta-Cap
and use your guests initial or name
for place cards at the dinner

Expand your clientele. Contact party planners
personalized drink ware, bows for chairs...
what else do you have to offer this new market area?

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Desk Top Pencil Holder

Pencil holder with Mix Cap.
Bottlecap with Mag.

Pencil holder can be made to match your
desk set, office or home decor. Photos
 in the bottlecaps make a great
 updatable Father's Day gift!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag with Mix Cap. Mag on bottlecap.

Mag on bow.

One lunch bag, three looks!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Insulated Coffee Cup

Mix Cap on the Insulated Cup and Mag
glued on bottlecap.

Wouldn't this make a great teacher's gift?
Give with three bottle caps; school
name,teachers name or initial,
grade or subject taught.

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Sun Hat

Hat with Mix Discs glued inside.

Inside of hat with Mix Discs.

Alta-Caps with Mags on the back.

Wear one, three or twelve around the band or
place the Mix Discs on the outside
and cover with a ribbon then add Mags!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Pencil Box

Mix Cap on top of snap closure.

Mix Cap on top of snap closure - close up.

Bottlecaps with Mag fit securely into the Mix Cap.

Can be changed to fit the day, week or month!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Stadium Cup

New stadium cup with Mix Disc. Bottlecaps
with Mags on the back.

Play ball!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Umbrella

Mix Cap on Umbella.

Bottlecap with Mag.

Mix Cap on the fabric portion
of the umbrella. Permanently
attach one on the
handle for fun!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? One Purse Three Looks

Handbag with Mix Cap. Bow, Bottlecap,
Flower with Mag.

Snap on the bottlecap and you are off to
run errands!

Pop on the bow and you are ready for
dinner out, of course !

Attach the flower to dash off to Garden
or Bridge Club!

How in the World Would I Use Mix N Mags? Ball Caps

Ball Cap with Mags on bottlecaps.

Mix Discs glued inside of ball caps.

Snap, Clip, Plop...your ball cap is
now personalized!

Or click, snap, pop...and it's